• Have you been wanting to try some of our cleanse recipes for yourself?  We are offering a program where you can do it yourself, either with the support of JAM or just the recipes and suggested menu for a week of meals to get you back on track.  All recipes are designed to be simple enough to whip up in an hour with, for days you have a little extra time, the option to experiment.  By opting for extra support, you get access to a private Facebook group where JAM will be there to help with meal prep, tips on how to serve, information on health benefits of ingredients, and keep you connected to a community.  Plus, you also will have access to a one on one call to chat about any questions you may have about the recipes and your experience. Whether you order just the recipes or with added team support, you will have a collection of healthy options to keep you and your family going through the winter! See below for the list of recipes.
  • Sale!

    Eat Clean w/ Jam

    Please select from a 7 Day Plan (Mon-Sun), a 5 Day Plan (Mon-Fri), a 3 Day Plan (Mon-Wed) or a Bulk Package.  
  • Stay Clean with JAM

    The “Stay clean w/ JAM” program is for the time in between “Eat Clean w/ JAM” weeks. Order between one and four weeks (keep adding to cart) and specify the proteins you enjoy.
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