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“Eat Clean with JAM” menus are designed to be all vegan with the option to add a meat or fish.  These menus will include breakfast smoothies or bowls,  lunches, dinners and healthy snacks.  You can sign up for 3-7 days, with either delivery (fee) or pick up available.


The seasonal menus are offered one, pre set, week per month as long as there is a minimum of 5 people ordering at least 5 days of food.  The dates are set for 3 months at a time, and the menu remains, mostly, the same through the season.


We take sign ups from the time the menus are posted until 4 days prior to program beginning. The weeks run from Monday-Sunday. Deliveries or pick ups will be ready Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, and meals are prepared in bulk for 2-3 days at a time.

Pricing and Policies

All vegan:

$448/7 day (Mon-Sun) w/ 3 deliveries/pickups on Sunday, Wednesday & Friday.
$335/5 day (M-F) w/ 2 deliveries/pickups on Sunday and Wednesday.
$225/3 day (M-W) w/ 1 delivery/pickup on Sunday.

Vegan Early Bird: orders placed up top 10 days before start date:
$398/7 days
$300/5 days
$207/3 days

Add meat or fish:

$490/7 day
$375/5 day
$249/3 day

Meat/Fish Early Bird:
$440/7 days
$340/5 days
$231/3 days

Bulk Week Packages: (to be used within a year of purchase)

3 x Seven Day Plans: Vegan: $1095 | Add Meat/Fish: $1230
3 x Five Day Plans: Vegan: $855 | Add Meat/Fish: $950

Special: Get a group of 3 or more to do the same week and each receive a 15% discount on full rate.

Delivery: Delivery is free to Cohasset, Hanover, Hingham, Hull, Norwell and Scituate. Others may arrange to pick up their meals.

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