A Wintery Mix

By |February 12, 2014|Categories: Main Courses, Side Dishes, Vegetarian|

By February, winter has really set in here in the North East!  This winter, in particular, has been especially cold and the recent nor'easters have meant many snow days cooped up inside.  The most common phrase I have heard lately is "I can't wait for Spring!"  Besides the cold, another [...]

Summertime means Tomatoes!

By |August 27, 2013|Categories: Appetizers, Main Courses, Recipes, Vegetarian|

My garden is currently teeming with tomatoes, not to mention the gigantic zucchini and booming kale, but the tomatoes are the most plentiful, and really delicious to boot!  With the rain in July and then some drier weather in August, the fruit id sweet and ripening almost faster than I [...]

Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top

By |June 14, 2013|Categories: Desserts|

The anticipation of their summer arrival and the short lived season of this fruit makes them extra special. According to the California Cherry Advisory Board May 16-June 20th are the “Sweetest Six Weeks of Summer”. It goes really fast so let’s take advantage of them. They taste good, look good [...]

The Mighty Carrot

By |June 14, 2013|Categories: Appetizers|

In season during Summer and Fall, the Carrot can be found year round as a staple in markets and on dinner tables across the country and around the world. This usually orange colored root vegetable will occasionally masquerade in disguises of purple, red, yellow and even white. The Carrot is [...]

What’s Cooking

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