Spring into grillin’… Veggies!

Spring time in the North East is always a bit…unpredictable!  This year has been especially crazy with the constant up and down on the thermometer, but that has not put a chill into Spring fever…not today anyway!  We are finally having a more April-like day today, and I am thinking about the warmer days to, hopefully, come in the next months.  The change of seasons is always so exciting, especially food wise, and transitioning from Winter meal choices to warm weather food makes us all happy.  One cooking tool that always comes to mind about now is the grill, and it is time to dust mine off and bring it out of hibernation!  My menus have already begun to reflect the switch from slow [...]

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Winter, a time for (veggie) stew!

March is the time of year when it seems that Winter should be over, or almost over anyway.  But, here in the North East, this month is very hard to predict....then again, this whole season has been that way so far!  It has been unnaturally warm the past couple of weeks, and it appears this weekend will be unusually cold...sooo, a great time for STEW!  I am not talking about a heavy stew with lots of meat and potatoes.  The stew I want to make is light and comforting, using vegetables associated with the season, beans and quinoa to make it a complete meal.  Delicious with a crusty loaf of bread and Green Salad, or just on its own with a glass of your [...]

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A Wintery Mix

By February, winter has really set in here in the North East!  This winter, in particular, has been especially cold and the recent nor'easters have meant many snow days cooped up inside.  The most common phrase I have heard lately is "I can't wait for Spring!"  Besides the cold, another aspect of winter most of us become bored with quickly is the limited food choices.  Traditionally, we eat more wintery foods to keep our inner fires burning and or bodies fueled for the frigid temperatures.  These include long cooked meats, stews, casseroles, soups and most of our vegetables are those which can be stored in a cellar through the long winter months.  I happen to love these foods, especially root vegetables roasted until caramelized [...]

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The color of Fall

I love Fall!  The leaves changing color, the sun through the trees casting a golden glow, the crisp, invigorating air and the warm smells of slow cooking remind me of all that is wonderful about New England.  It is this that I missed living in Southern California and a big reason we longed to be back on the East Coast every year when Fall came around. For a few weeks now, I have found myself gravitating toward ingredients and preparations suitable to the time of year...roasting, braising, soups and stews, roots, winter squashes, hearty greens...warming and grounding, to prepare ourselves for the winter to come.  One of my favorite Fall and Winter vegetables is the Butternut Squash.  So sweet, colorful and versatile, Butternut Squash [...]

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Summertime means Tomatoes!

My garden is currently teeming with tomatoes, not to mention the gigantic zucchini and booming kale, but the tomatoes are the most plentiful, and really delicious to boot!  With the rain in July and then some drier weather in August, the fruit id sweet and ripening almost faster than I can use it.  My quick go to plan for using a tomato bounty is to toss them with some extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper and roast them in a 350 degree oven until they are soft and slightly browned.  This makes a great topping for homemade pizza or tossed with pasta, fresh garlic, grated Parmesan and fresh chopped basil.  Served with a great green salad, either would make a yummy, quick [...]

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In the Garden

A little over two months ago I began a quest for a greener, more sustainable kitchen and I have been successful in keeping canned goods out of my cooking, I squeeze my OJ fresh and my garden is thriving. I have not been quite able to stay consistent with the bread baking, but I do make some whenever I get a chance, and my Vitamix decided to quit on me once I was fully addicted to homemade almond butter. I also found a very easy recipe for yogurt and, though it requires some precise temperature control, it is really yummy! I do try to be diligent, as well, with buying as local as possible, which has become a bit easier now that the local [...]

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