Bring on the Sun (and Wild Salmon)!

Not much revives the mind and spirit like a change of scenery, especially when that involves palm trees and crashing waves!  The past, almost, year has been challenging to say the least, so my family took the opportunity to do something most people cannot normally plan to do with an office job and kids in school...we flew away to Hawaii for two months!  With my daughter still on East Coast time doing remote school, and 2 weeks in, the hardest part has been dragging her from bad at 3:30 each weekday morning.  What it does provide is a few peaceful early morning hours to do some planning and organizing, then we have almost a full day to enjoy this amazing place...and, I don't have [...]

Back to Basics

Over the winter I took part in a discussion group revolving around food, of course, and the impact our personal choices can have on not only our health, but also the health of the Planet.  The articles we read, and the chats which followed, took me back to my college and cooking school days. Learning, first, about the impact of contemporary food systems on world hunger in college and then on to cooking school where I discovered the health implications of some of the choices I had been making and how to make better choices.  In general, my kitchen is pretty healthy, low in processed foods, lots of fruits and veggies, low animal protein intake and I prepare most of our meals at home, [...]

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